Soccology Sunday: Kevin George, Pierre Aubameyang and NeuroTracker

In my book Soccology there’s a chapter called ‘Mind, Body and Eyes’ where I talk about the process of situational awareness (decision making). I share the importance of the premium skill when playing football, with the addition of a personal account from a Manchester United defender and the process from NeuroTracker co-creator Professor Jocelyn Faubert.

In the below video, I’m to the left using NeuroTracker at Southampton FC, to the right is Arsenalstriker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang doing his “homework” on NeuroTracker.

Decision making governs football, physically there isn’t much between the players. Whether it be weight, speed or technique. The difference is made in the mind, the information taken in, the management of the information, creating a hierarchy of the decisions you’ll potentially use and the execution.

A lot of what I speak about in Soccology will be new to football lovers from inside and outside of the professional game however, everyday you’re gradually being exposed to the evolution of football. You can either watch it unravel before your eyes or you can unravel it