“Kevin delivered Soccology to our players. It was the first time we had run workshops like this but he was the perfect choice of presenter to run the sessions. The players were fully engaged and staff commented afterwards that we should run more programmes like this for the players, which isn’t the reaction we always get.”

Arsenal_FC soccology kevin george.png

– Matt Henly, Head of Education
Arsenal Football Club


Every action is born from a thought. 

Football is a sport where players are required to coordinate their muscles, be aware of space and people, construct multiple internal pictures and execute the best possible option. All at great speed! Intelligence is required to play the game and coach the game.

The Football Intelligence Programme (FQ) gives players and coaching staff the opportunity to explore football’s elements. Breaking the game down into the physical, emotional and psychological, appreciating the value that all hold and how they affect outcomes.

The Soccology Football Intelligence Programme (FQ) for player and coach education, covers the following -

  • Modelling Excellence

  • Unconscious Competence

  • State

  • Cultural Fluency

  • Leadership

  • Communication and Rapport

  • Performance insecurity

  • Performance anxiety

This programme is also used to develop professionals within other spaces by using football as a metaphor. For example, leadership covers some of the greatest leaders within professional football, we then work on the transferable parts to leverage performance within the space the organisation operates within.

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