Former Premier league manager gus poyet and soccology founder kevin george

Former Premier league manager gus poyet and soccology founder kevin george

Why mental health at work?

Mental health affects our performance as people, from self worth, conditions of worth and spousal relationships, to happiness, emotional regulation and communication. Our mental health directs our mental state, changing how we see things and how we respond towards them.

(The cost of mental illness) "Per employee, per year - Public sector: as much as £1,878, Private sector: as much as £1,481." - Health Assured

Our Mental Health at Work helps staff to manage anxiety, stress and depression, and work towards wellness. We train senior leaders to be skilled in creating an environment that promotes wellness and productivity.

What are the benefits and to who?

A 130,000 patient ACE study was carried across 2 years to see if adding these trauma oriented questions had any demonstrable benefit. It coincided with a 35% reduction in doctor visits in the next year and an 11% reduction in emergency room visits. This helps other people to get seen quicker, saves the NHS money and keeps your staff at work!

The annual cost of mental illness for employers in the UK is 42 billion (The Independent Review of Mental Health and Employers). Our work keeps your staff in work and increases their productivity.

How do we do what we do?

  • Programmes are delivered as professional development (CPD) with staff receiving an accredited LCFE Level 1 and Level 2 certificate in Mental Health Awareness.

  • Away day packages that include facilitation at the England training ground (St George’s Park) and speakers from the highest level of the football world.

  • One off wellness workshops.

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