“…the body part I take the most information from is the face. I can’t say specifically what I’m looking for, but I assess every detail intensely for one to two seconds.”

- Luca Ercolani, Manchester United and Italy international

fabian Delph Man City soccology.jpg

“Being injured massively aected my mental state and self-doubt crept in… I decided to ignore my doubts and began to look at my body objectively, as if it were detached from me.”

- Fabian Delph, Manchester City and England International

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“As a youngster at Manchester United we were always near the first team, whether it was on the training eld or in the canteen at lunch time…it was a priority for Sir Alex Ferguson to have a family environment.”

- Kieran Richardson, former Manchester United and England international.

kevin George sociologa gokhan inler leceister city

I had no idea that I could use my aggression to be successful in football. Since that day I have channeled my aggression through my performances on the pitch to achieve success,

- Gokhan Inler, former Leicester City and Switzerland international

gael clichy kevin george arsenal man city soccology

“Like all players I had a time when I had difficult moments where my performances dipped, and I began to overthink situations. I’ve seen extremely talented players fail because they spend their mental energy worrying.”

- Gael Clichy, former Arsenal and France international

A book that will change the game.

Football focuses heavily on physical prowess and talent, but the great players possess something extra: The ability to make good decisions on and off the pitch. To unlock their true potential, coaches and players need to go beyond their gifts with the ball at their feet and focus as much on their heart and mind.

Invaluable for the modern footballer and fascinating for anyone intrigued by the incredible connections between the heart, body and mind, Soccology contains lessons far beyond the beautiful game in how to be the best version of ourselves.

The Soccology book is a body of research and investigation the affects of culture, the role of the unconscious mind, the relationship between street gangs and professional football, mental health, information for parents to better support their children, the relationship between player and agent, and more! This is the only book that takes you into the hearts and minds of professional footballers from around the world and across generations. From Paul Mortimer, Kieran Richardson and Quinton Fortune to Fabian Delph, Gael Clichy and Wesley Hoedt. Player’s share their personal stories that they have never shared before. Giving you answers to the questions you have been asking of your favourite professional players, a player close to you and yourself.

Who is the Soccology book for?

The Soccology book is for all stakeholders. Players that would like to perform better on the pitch, prepare better for trials and improve confidence will learn from the disclosures and research in this book. Coaches that want to improve their understanding of players at risk, learn about football from the psychological aspect and study the game on the whole with get access to invaluable case studies.

Parents that want to learn about the game so that they are better positioned to support their child will find all the information they need in the Soccology book..

Football fans that want to know about the difference that makes the difference, the back stories of their heroes and increase their knowledge of the beautiful game, need to look no further.

Where can you buy the Soccology book?

The Soccology book is available at Waterstones, Amazon, Foyles, Own it and all major retailers

Once you have read Soccology feel free to drop Kevin George and the player whose section you found most engaging a message (on social media tagging Soccology). Also, please leave a review on the retailers’ site. Reviews are important as they help build awareness and spread the word. Your review could help the book reach someone who could really benefit from reading it.



“One of the best insights into footballers I’ve ever read.”

Henry Winter, Chief Football Writer, The Times

Soccology has great case studies which really drill down into the issues affecting footballers on and off the pitch. Showing why problems occur and offering solutions."

Oshor Williams, Assistant Director of Education, Professional Footballer’s Association

An informed and entertaining insight into the footballer’s multi-faceted mind.”

Four Four Two