What’s happening in schools?

50% of adult mental illness starts before the age of 14, because on average 10 years will pass between a young person becoming unwell and when they first get any help. This increases the severity of the mental and physical illnesses people develop.

For decades schools have been trying to teach young people who are suffering from abuse at home, living in poverty, neglect and more. With the child trying to live a “normal” life at school and the teacher trying to teach through the trauma, school life becomes a battle for all. A battle where students underachieve, their behaviour spirals out of control and teachers stress levels increase.

How does Soccology challenge this pattern?

Since 2006 we have been delivering different types of programmes in schools and managing curriculums. From mental health workshops to full programmes, supporting those that slip under the inclusion and safeguarding radar.

Providing emotional literacy, our behaviour development programmes promote agile thinking, enhance self governance and develop resilience. We facilitate in the below formats -

  • Workshops - Covering conflict resolution, happiness, attachment, love, anxiety, wellness, self esteem, emotional dysfunction, mental health spectrum, uniqueness, empathy, self reflection, miss-marketing of feelings, vulnerability and mental health role models. These sessions are delivered under PPA, PSHE, SMSC and part of the schools Pupil Premium offering.

  • Professional Development - Soft skills, whistleblowing, emotional literacy and segments from student workshops above.

  • Parent Support - Same as ‘Workshops’ above from the perspective of the child and for the parent’s personal development.

kevin george soccology adamsrill.png

"Kevin George (Soccology) has been with with Adamsrill School for over ten years and the feedback from the Ofsted inspection was extremely positive. Ofsted said that Kevin’s work is ‘Outstanding’ and Kevin himself is a great role model for the children.”

- Sarah Ellis, Deputy Head of Adamsrill School